Thrift Club at FIU: A new haven for sustainable fashion

Members of the Thrift Club listen with excitements as the club shares future plans | Photo Courtesy of Naya Guillen

Cosette Lipscomb | Contributing Writer

As sustainability becomes a large topic in today’s generation, many FIU students want to get more involved in ways to help conserve the environment.

The Thrift Club at FIU held their second general body meeting on Feb. 19 by explaining the importance of thrifting in preserving the environment.

The meeting began with introductions of the e-board members, especially the two founding members, Ethan Hernandez and William Levy, both freshmen. 

Hernandez and Levy were surprised that no one had ever started this type of club before, and it came with many challenges of how to welcome the most people.

“I was kind of surprised that no one did. I know even when we started the thrift club, people were like, ‘What about people who are more into fashion rather than overall sustainability?’” said Levy. 

The officers spoke about the importance of thrifting in the wake of fast fashion.

Levy, a political science major, wanted to start a club that promoted the use of sustainable fashion while educating other FIU students.

“Our meetings are about promoting sustainability and also trading clothes,” said Levy.

Sustainability does not just impact FIU, but Miami as a whole. 

Another one of the goals of the club is to promote reusable fashion in all of Miami.

”Miami is very passionate about their beaches,” said Hernandez. “But we are trying to get to the root of the problem”.

Water intake and global emissions from fashion industries all around Miami make a large impact on beaches and their surrounding environment.

By pinning the problem of these companies, second hand and vintage clothes make for a sustainable choice.

As fast fashion has been on the rise, thrifting has become a more acceptable way to shop. Finding ways to reuse old clothes and give them a new life is an important part in keeping a mindful closet.

”Thrifting is an easy choice,” said Hernandez. “We’re not perfect but there is always a better option”.

Valentina Delgado, a sophomore biochemistry major, joined the club to be able to express her own style and meet others that share a similar interest in vintage clothes.

“I like seeing everyone’s different styles. I’m very into sustainable fashion in general,” said Delgado.

The club’s all-inclusive energy and positive atmosphere make it a very welcoming place for any student interested in thrifted fashion.

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