Obama’s Nation: Affordable Education

President Obama’s last State of the Union address Tuesday evening touched on many subjects, ranging from healthcare, to immigration, and even the military. Yet, when he spoke about the issues of education in America and what changes he had planned for the remainder of his term, he captured my full attention.

Obama’s Eco-Friendly plan

As part of his legacy, President Barack Obama has made it a focal point to make the U.S. a leader in rectifying climate change both with science and policy. His most recent announcement was the Clean Power Plan which, in accordance with the EPA, sets more strict regulations on the emissions from power plants.

Student thoughts: Trans-Pacific Partnership greatest modern threat to Democracy

The administration claims that the transparency of the treaty is sufficient, and its supporters argue that senators who wish to scrutinize the treaty can go read it … In the best of circumstances, any senator voting on the bill, barring those with prior intimate knowledge of the legislation, would be basing their decision entirely on their (flawed, human) recollection of a document they do not fully understand.