An age to experience: exploring FIU

Junette Reyes/Staff Writer

The beauty of being a college student is the many new experiences and opportunities that we can be exposed to. The opportunities themselves are almost always there; it’s just a matter of taking the first step towards them.

Be it your first semester at FIU or not, doing so can, admittedly, be quite terrifying at times.
Sometimes, such a sense of fear can even be quite hindering and paralyzing when attempting to take advantage of the full college experience.

And as difficult as it may be, it is in our best interest as youths in such an institution to let go of
that fear and make our time spent here worthwhile not only in the classroom, but beyond the classroom as well.

Once you slowly start to let go of that fear, as mild or severe as it may be, then you might realize how easy it becomes for you to step outside of your comfort zone and open yourself to new experiences, many of which FIU does not lack.

So, go ahead and apply for an organization of your choice, be it something new or something
you want to expand on. It could probably even be an organization that helps you with some type of characteristic you want to improve on, such as leadership skills or communication and social skills. Or it could possibly even be an organization that concentrates on your discipline, which could in turn help you meet more people with similar interests.

Explore classes outside your major, when possible. Perhaps take an art course, music course, writing course, or anything else that intrigues you.

The first thing I ever tried was out of my comfort zone, I had no previous experience in the area.

I tried to join The Beacon.

Writing was always a personal thing to me, so it was a very intimidating idea to present my written work to such a vast audience. The first time I tried joining, I was never called back for a writing position. I did not let that stop me, and came back the following semester.  And I’ve been here ever since.

My second experience was joining the research studies in the Legal Psychology department. I was intrigued because I am a Psychology and Criminal Studies major. The first study I joined was accepted for the flagship American Psychology-Law Society conference this March.

But it doesn’t have to be something relating to your studies. If the Greek life is for you, go for it, even if only for the experience of going through rush.

Go beyond simply attending on-campus events and try to even take part in them by volunteering in whatever capacity you might be needed.

Collegiate-level sports can certainly be intimidating and if you simply want to join a team or set one up for fun, the Intramural Sports provided by the Recreation Services is for you.

The important thing to do is to fully explore and take advantage of the opportunities and new
experiences FIU provides for its students. Do not be afraid to approach unknown territories.

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy yourself, and possibly even learn, is to go outside of your comfort zone.

You don’t even need a New Year’s resolution to do so.

Simply make it your personal goal. And above all else, do not let rejection stop you from continuously going forward.