Repair yourself, take Valentine’s Day with a grain of salt

Photo by Andrea Smith, via flickr

Carolina Barreto/Contributing Writer 

If your glare is setting the souls of each couple you spot on fire, and you’re waiting for the day to end to go home to your cat, Netflix and maybe stop at Publix to get ready for your Valentine’s Date with your two favorite men–Ben & Jerry–I’ve got the songs for you.

As you listen to “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver, it’s time for you to begin letting go of the resentment you feel towards a past relationship. Justin Vernon begins by asking a love that is thinning out to just last a little longer.  It’s deeply painful, but beautiful.  The song perfectly emulates the bittersweet feeling that comes with love. The song’s instrumentation makes it raw.  Each guitar strum feels like a cut in which you’ll pour a little salt if you return to your skinny love.

“The Trial of the Century” by French Kicks is the end of the line.  The simple piano riff goes with the anxious tapping your fingers get when you’ve let go of something that was once a part of you.  Your insides tremble, bones rattling like the guitar’s tremolo.  The chorus is a hard blow of a wave of memories but beautiful ones. The song reminds one to be thankful for the good moments spent together in the past while telling you it’s okay to move on now.

 So you’ve moved on, but your next candidate shot you down.  “Hey Boy” by The Blow will explore the reasons why that happened with you.  You’ll be clapping along to a lighthearted approach to the dark side of romance.  Shelly says there’s always a reason for being turned down.

“Awkward” by San Cisco is a culmination of the awkward moments either spent on a bad date, a forced text conversation, or terrible small talk.  When you don’t want the love, it’s hard to be nice. It’s even hard to stop the flirting with someone you’re really into even when the one on the receiving end isn’t really welcoming it.

“Take It As It Comes” by Vivian Girls is the best advice you’ll receive on Single’s Awareness Day. I highly recommend anyone needing love advice listen to this song.  We get caught up in these Hollywood ideas of what love is that we allow our actions to be driven by our emotions. We need to remember to use our head and reason things.  Sometimes, we get lonely and will give into the pressure of calling someone who clearly isn’t interested for the hundredth time.  Cassie in “Take It As It Comes,” is the voice of reason you need in that moment. 

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