R&B had a good week – Miguel and The Internet in review

Darius Dupins / Contributing Writer

Strap on your riding boots and jump on your Harley’s or road bikes and go on this summer’s dreamy, NSFW ride down Route 66 with Miguel’s third studio album, ‘Wildheart’.

With an album that has production reminiscent to 1970’s Americana with a fresh R&B spin, singer Miguel Jontel Pimentel, better known as Miguel, finally comes to full bloom after years of blossoming with sensual hits like ‘Adorn’ and ‘Sure Thing’.

Though there aren’t obvious radio-ready singles, Miguel’s latest musical venture is filled with classics. An artist who rejects the idea of limiting his sound, Pimentel takes listeners on an unexpected journey of sexual pleasures with fuzzy guitar riffs on songs like “Leaves” and a Prince-esque moment on “Flesh” then on to bouncing, whirling, electronic synths on “Valley”.  There’s also a lo-if, shoegaze moment that allows this R&B crooner to lay out his insecurities on, “What’s Normal Anyway”.
‘Wildheart’ is a mix of psychedelia, funk and soul that mixes well with the velvet sounds of Pimentel’s vocals. Staying true to his outsider persona, Miguel’s latest body of work is deemed for the wildest of hearts.
Speaking of outsiders, Odd Future roster members, The Internet, finally released their highly anticipated third studio album, ‘Ego Death’ after a surprise announcement on Twitter earlier this month. Lead by Syd tha Kid and producer Matt Martians, ‘Ego Death’ is the group’s best effort. The group calls on Janelle Monáe, James Fauntleroy, Vic Mensa, KAYTRANADA, and more to give fans what they’ve been yearning for.
Much like Miguel’s ‘Wildheart’, The Internet’s recent release is full of seduction  that oozes from Syd’s soothing voice. Of their three efforts, ‘Ego Death’ is the most political, which comes at a significant time in American history when race relations and gay marriage have been national subject matter for the past few years and coming to an intense boil within the last ten months. “Did you see the news  last night? They shot another one down,” Syd sings over dreamy guitar chords on “Penthouse Clouds.”
Another thing to note about ‘Ego Death’ is the fact that Syd is a woman singing to another woman. With the Supreme Court declaring same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states ‘Ego Death’ is the most relevant summer release! …and honestly, Syd’s come-ons are more appealing than any male singer’s recent attempts.
‘Ego Death’ is a refreshing, cool ride for the summer. The Internet is able to produce funky music that pays homage to mid 90s hip-hop and with chill vibes throughout, The Internet is still able to radiate confidence and deliver grade-A neo-soul sounds.

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  1. Yes- The Internet is killing the game! Perfect sounds for summer. Ego Death is what’s up.

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