Students ‘freak out’ over funnel cake

Nia Young/PantherNOW

Chloe B. González/Assistant Entertainment Director

The Fair opens on March 23 and after recent polls, 49 percent of students surveyed voted Freak Out as their favorite ride and 45 percent of students voted funnel cake as their favorite fair snack.

This week, a little over 100 students were given two polls. The first asked about their favorite ride at the fair and had them pick one out of the four choices available: Freak Out, Speed/Mach 3, Mega Drop and Crazy Mouse.

Students voted the least for Speed/Mach 3 giving it only five votes but voted Freak Out their favorite by giving it a total of 51 votes.

Interest in Crazy Mouse and Mega Drop fell in between these two extremes. Crazy Mouse received 27 votes while Mega Drop got 21 votes.

The second poll asked students to vote for their favorite snack at the fair. They had five choices to pick from including funnel cake, corn dogs, popcorn, smoked turkey leg, and cotton candy.

Cotton Candy was the snack the least voted for earning only 12 votes out of 100. Funnel cake on the other hand got 49 votes, securing its place as student favorite.

Corn dogs fell behind with 18 votes, popcorn had 15 votes; the smoked turkey leg had 14 votes.  

Whether their favorite ride or snack earned the top spot in these polls or not, students can ride all of these rides and try all of these snacks when the fair opens at 3 p.m. on Thursday, March 23.

Nia Young/PantherNOW

Nia Young/PantherNOW