University celebrates sixth year of Panthers Got Talent competition

Topi Ronkainen, Duke, and Tanvi Hathiramani, Duchess celebrated their crownings with performers from the Panther’s Got Talent Show on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

Anamaria Soler/Contributing Writer

The Homecoming council held a “America’s Got Talent”- inspired show for its sixth year on Wednesday, Oct. 10, at the Ocean Bank Convocation Center from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Didn’t make it? No problem! Here are the highlights from this night jam packed full of talent!

Once guests entered the Ocean Bank Convocation Center, they were welcomed with the sounds of classic songs such as Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You” and “Billie Jean.” At the entrance, members from Homecoming offered guests the choice of either a free shirt or a water bottle attached to a pair of headphones.

The competition was divided into two categories: faculty/staff and students. For the students, there are three divisions—solo (one performer), blue (a group of two to six performers), and gold (a group of seven to 20 performers). The prize for each winner of each division gets to enjoy a pizza party with President Mark B. Rosenberg.

“Panther’s got Talent was filled with so much talent and energy. It was truly awesome to announce these winners who now get to enjoy a pizza party with President Rosenberg,” said Carolina Gonzalez, one of the hosts of the event and the 2017 Homecoming Princess.

As there is on the popular NBC show “America’s Got Talent,” there were five judges, writing down their thoughts on each performer one by one. Just like in the original show, the judges have a golden buzzer to press when they were enticed with an act and their talent.

Up first was the faculty and staff group. This group consisted of mostly singers; two of them got the golden buzzer: Korrin Anderson and Enrique Rosell, who both work in orientation and family programs. The judges took a 10-minute intermission to agree on the results and the top three were announced. In third place was Rosell, who performed an original song. In second place was Anderson, who performed an opera piece. In first place was Feung Shui, a singer/guitar player who sang Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” with a maraca.

Next, we have the students. The solo category consisted of multiple singers, dancers and a poet. The crowd had multiple stand-up ovations for their acts. The winner was J. Cook, who’s soulful voice won the judges over.

The blue category was a small one, the two small groups that performed represented the category with pride. The winner was Tasha, who performed a modern rendition of a traditional Indian dance, including Drake’s “In My Feelings” apart from the traditional Indian style music.

Lastly was the gold group, the biggest group of the night. These contestants are fraternity and sorority groups, representing the Greek life and their specific organization. They put their heart and soul into making their dance routines, with the rest of their specific Greek organization cheering them on similar to fans of musical artists. The winner of this category was the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.The Homecoming Duke and Duchess were also announced at the end of the night. The 2018 Duke and Duchess are Topi Ronkainen and Tanvi Hathiramani.

“It was so amazing to win, to hear my name being chanted in the crowd made me feel like other students were behind me and proud of me,” said Hathiramani.

Photo courtesy of FIU Flickr.

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