Group Responsible For FIU bridge Collapse Repairing Another Bridge

Taken on Thursday, March 15, 2018 minutes after bridge collapse. Photo courtesy of Rachel Miks

Dalton Tevlin/Sports Director

Figg Bridge Group, the construction company that was in charge of the FIU pedestrian bridge that collapsed and killed six people in March 2018 is overseeing a new bridge renovation in Portland, Oregon. 

The 71-year-old Arigoni bridge, which connects Middletown and Portland, will have its structural steel renovated and replaced by Figg for a reported $40 million dollars. 

Many citizens, according to the Middletown Press who first reported the story, have raised concerns to local officials, citing OSHA’s report that claimed  “a significant number of failures” involving the FIU bridge.

Structural issues such as cracks were reportedly overlooked and OSHA states that the intersection at Southwest 8th street should have been closed immediately. 

In a meeting between FIU and Florida’s Department of Transportation, both parties were assured the bridge was safe, despite the known structural cracks. Merely three hours after this meeting, the bridge collapsed. 

The Department of Transportation in Portland defended their choice to hire Figg. Stating Figg provided “quality assurance”, despite their checkered past. 

Connecticut State Senator Norm Needleman and Rep. Christie Carpino drafted a letter to the DOT raising concerns about Figg’s work history. 

PantherNOW reached out to Senator Needleman but he declined to comment as he is awaiting meetings about the bridge repair.



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