First Late Day Latte to feature China as theme

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Junette Reyes/Entertainment Director

On Jan. 23, Campus Life at Biscayne Bay Campus will be holding the first Late Day Latte event of the Spring 2014 semester.

As the title suggests, the Late Day Latte are events in which coffee is served to the student body over at BBC. What makes the Late Day Latte events unique is that each one is planned with the “Worlds Ahead” initiative in mind. Campus Life at BBC does this by theming the Late Day Latte events around a country or region within the world.

“We kind of do that to theme it around the world because we are very international. Here, we want to be able to reach out to every student like that,” said Kaytien Franco, the marketing/public relations assistant in the Office of Campus Life at BBC.

In addition to the serving of coffee, treats and snacks are also provided. Campus Life at BBC go out of their way to maintain the authenticity of the themes by finding vendors around the area that provide coffee and treats from the country or region that is being featured.

“For one Late Day Latte, for example, we went out to find vendors and found an actual Turkish coffee place around the area to come out and provide actual Turkish coffee and treats and snacks for the students,” said Franco.

Alongside the Republic of Turkey, previous countries and regions that have been featured as themes include Haiti, Latin America and South Africa. The most recent Late Day Latte before the Spring semester started took place in December around finals week and, therefore, had no theme.

The Late Day Latte events typically occur in the late afternoon and serve as a pick-me-up for students. Franco cited it as one of their busiest and most successful events, as it usually gets quite the turnout.

The first Late Day Latte event of the Spring semester will take place in Academic II at BBC from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Campus Life at BBC will kick off the series by featuring China as the first theme of the semester, with Chinese tea, coffee and treats slated to be served for the students. As Chinese tea will mainly be featured during this first event, there is a play on the word in the title and it is being called “Late Day Lattea.”

The Late Day Latte events take place on a monthly basis. 

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