Football program receives 7 total verbal commits so far

Peter Holland Jr./ Contributing Writer

As football season still a mile away, recruiting never ends. Now that the recruiting class of 2015 are now true freshmen, FIU is now looking for elite high school talent for the 2016 class.  Other than looking at  their highlight films and sending them letters showing their interest, it does increase their stocks if the high school players, especially 1th graders soon to be 12th graders, showcase their talents to college scouts in multiple football camps. For some of these verbal commits, that’s all they needed to get more  exposure and get offered from different universities. With that being said, FIU now has seven high school players verbally committed to the football team. Here are the latest verbal commits according to 24/

Isaiah Brown 6’1 160 lb CB Tampa Bay Tech Tampa, Florida

This player out of Tampa has all ball skills to be a complete corner. He can read the routes and jump one step ahead of receivers. As a zone corner, he can locate the football once it’s in the air during a deep pass. Despite being only 160 pounds, he’s not afraid to make open field tackles or stopping the run.

Shakur Cooper 6’1 210 lb DE/OLB Coral Gables High School Coral Gables, Florida

This edge rusher is almost impossible to block for any offenders. He has a quick one step once the ball is snapped and  can pass through left tackles and get to the quarterback or disrupt an offensive play. He also has a strong upper body to bull rush tackles or jostle down a blocking running back to the ground. He can play 4-3 defensive end with his hand on the ground, or 3-4 outside linebacker where he can rush the passer standing up.

Marchalo Judge 5’9 177 lb Safety Tampa Bay Tech Tampa ,Florida

Even though he’s undersize to play safety at the next level, he uses his 5’9 177  pound frame to lock up
slot receivers as a nickle back. He also can be a late forcer when stopping the run as a free safety. He can wear out a skilled player by taking out their legs. He can also be valuable on special teams bcause of his break away speed, and can be the first one to make a play.

Dallas Connell 6’3 275 lb OG and Douglas Connell 6’3 285 OC First Coast High School Jacksonville, Florida

If you recall from my past article on the twins commiting to FIU, as you can see nothing has change. Just for a quick summary, The Connell Brothers are the first two players to commit to FIU in the class of 2016. They both provide versatility in the offensive line position. They also fit the system as they are quick enough to do zone blocking schemes.

Darrius Scott WR 5’10 175 lb Booker T. Washington High School Miami, Florida

Scott is very smooth in his route running ability.  You can line him up any where at receiver  and can still remain effective. He is aslo a blocker and can create open space for running backs who’s trying to get  to the edge. He’s well connected to former Booker T Head Coach now assistant head coach for FIU Tim Harris JR. Most likely his recruiter.

Ulice Gillard WR 6’0 190 lb Lake Nona High School

This Orlando native is very dynamic in his size. He may not be the fastest receiver out there, however he is very explosive and can go vertical when making the catch. He’s physical and can fight for the football then make yards after the catch. He’s very hard to tackle and can run over a DB that gets in his way.

Jawon Hamilton RB 5’9 178 lb Booker T Washington High School

Most of his high school career came from South Dade High School and is planning on playing for Booker T. High School for his final year. He is a very patient runner and with good vision in finding the hole. He maybe smaller than the average back, but lives for the contact and will refuse to go down. He’s very elusive during yards after contact. His legs will keep churning even if you tackle him head on.

3 Comments on "Football program receives 7 total verbal commits so far"

  1. Tanesha taft | July 2, 2015 at 9:58 AM | Reply

    Jawon Hamilton will be playing for south fade his last year not booker T

  2. Tanesha taft | July 2, 2015 at 9:58 AM | Reply

    Jawon Hamilton will be playing for south fade his last year not booker T

  3. Tanesha taft | July 2, 2015 at 9:58 AM | Reply

    Jawon Hamilton will be playing for south fade his last year not booker T

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