Take the time to learn about the different disabilities

Cindy Cuadra/Staff Writer

At FIU, students are made to feel as comfortable as possible and are supposed to feel like campus is their second home. Students with disabilities are no exception.

FIU has made efforts toward making its campuses handicap friendly and safe. With every bathroom stall having handicap stalls, and every set of stairs accompanied by either ramps or elevators, the University takes into account the needs of students with disabilities.

Disabled students are unfortunately forced to live in an abled-person’s world. The integration between peers that are abled and disabled is extremely important toward learning and progressing. The existing gap and stigma that surrounds disabilities is one that needs work.

To achieve integration between abled students and disabled students, FIU created the Disability Resource Center in 1992. According to the DRC’s webpage, the DRC assists students while working diligently with their schedules and professors in order to have a successful college experience.

FIU also implemented ramps to help students with wheelchairs get around effortlessly. The newest addition is the ramp next to the pit in the Graham Center, which was made for disabled students to enjoy and participate in events held at the pit.

While FIU does many things to make campus accessible to disabled students, the lack of student participation can be improved. Inclusion between peers is important in understanding our similarities and differences.

One solution to help improve the lack of student participation is to volunteer to help a disabled student at the DRC. Taking notes for them in class or studying with them is a step toward progression.

Another solution is to get to know your peers and classmates that are disabled. Sometimes it’s hard to see or understand what a person goes through until you walk a mile in their shoes.

At FIU, it’s easy for students, like myself, to get caught up in our own world and only think about ourselves. However, everyone has needed help at one point or another. Therefore, if students with disabilities are forced to live in an abled world, we should take the time and try to live in theirs for a change.



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