Garage rankings: Gold Garage comes in last

Kayleen Padron/ Contributing Writer

Every student knows the struggles of finding parking throughout the semester. So the real question is, which one is the hardest place to find a parking spot? Using 1-6 scale, with 1 being the hardest and 6 the easiest, here is how I rank the garages.


The ever-trusty red garage, also known as PG4, will be rated as a solid 6. Because this older garage is settled between two of the most busiest lots, it’s usually empty. Be prepared for the morning workout though; with all those flights of stairs, it could definitely get your blood pumping for those way-too-early classes.


Blue garage comes at a close second with a 5 rating. Although it’s further away from the Graham Center, it’s still closer to the center of the University than the rest of the garages. As the neglected step sister to Gold, it offers a great view of the Frost Art Museum, which can make your trek to class so much better.

Parking is usually easier here because a few lots surround it, especially the large parking area next to the bus stops.


Coming in with a 4 rating, the brand-new PG6 building is a great garage with quick elevators and the best on-campus empanada stop located on the first floor.

In addition to parking spaces available to students on the first level ramp —a luxury not offered in other garages— it offers way more students spots than almost every garage at FIU and the new sign outside the garage letting students know what level has available parking is a huge time saver.


Panther garage, or PG3, has a 3 rating. Because of the gym and nature trail, parking can be hard to find at times. To think people have time to exercise and live healthy during finals week is beyond me, but try avoiding this garage during after-lunch hours. Unless you want to park next to an 8-foot vehicle with “Cool Story, Bro” stickers inches away from crossing the white line.


PG5 is home to Moe’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and Papa John’s, the college student’s triad of weakness. That and its proximity to almost every important building on campus, makes it one of the hardest garages to find parking.

After all, who can resist finding a good parking spot and a warm donut early in the morning? Whatever you do, don’t try looking for spots here during lunch time; hungry college students are not the nicest drivers.

Drum roll, please.


The award for worst parking garage goes to Gold Garage. Any student of faculty member who has been here for more than a semester will see the shock value of its No.1 ranking as minimal.

As a freshman and newly-taught driver, I always kept my distance from this garage from hell. Close to the elevators you can find a row of cars as long as the line at Pollo Tropical at 12 p.m., waiting for exiting students.

It makes you contemplate the pros of taking 7 a.m. classes, as it’s the only time you can find a spot in this garage.

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