BBC Campus Life packs February with back-to-back events

Slow Train Café, Oberlin OH

Damian Gordon/ Staff Writer

February may be the shortest month but Campus Life at The Biscayne Bay Campus is aiming to make the most of it.

With back-to-back events planned for the remainder of the month, there’s usually something going on for students to take part in between or after classes.

On Monday, Feb. 20, “Late Day Latte: Southern Cuisine” is being held at the Academic Center 1 Bus Stop Area from 4 to 6 p.m. At the event, which came from Hannah Katherine Ellis, graduate assistant at BBC’s Campus Life, students will be giving a different flavor of the world in this monthly series with activities to coincide.

Ellis mentions how crucial pinpointing what has connected to students in the past is and incorporating tips given by students, who are given mason jars at events to suggest ideas for future events.

“We’ve seen that our students really seem to like interactive games, having more of an open space to hang out, talk with their friends and engage with each other,” Ellis said.

A Cinco De Mayo event will feature mini piñatas, trivia questions and painted mini flowers pots to round out its other educational components.

“We’re going to have some really good food. Chicken, some waffles, some really really good sweet tea,” Ellis said. “It’s going to be very interactive, we’re very excited.”

Senior George Espinosa, who says he “can’t say no when it’s free,” has attended most events hosted by the BBC during his time at the University. One of his favorite events was the makeshift skating rink set up in the WUC Ballrooms back in April 2016, where they also had his favorites: free pizza and popcorn.

“You know it’s not everyday you see roller-skating in a university, [you go to h]ave fun and try not die,” he added.

The last day of the month will hold Male Mentoring: Manhood in the Media, followed by an open mic night in the WUC Ballroom on March 1, where students will be able to showcase their talents for all eyes to see.

Ivy Siegel Mack, Student Organizations Council Advisor Office of Campus Life, oversees a lot the happenings around campus, and has developed a preference to specific ones over time.

A personal favorite of hers are the midnight breakfasts held at the end of every semester because they’re “good for the students to wind down.” Mack also mentioned the Freshman Luau because of how newcomers and seniors alike engage with each other.

Campus Life centers their events toward students and what they want to see since it’s typically planned by other students who walk the same halls everyday too.

For more information on the events, visit on the Student Affairs website and look out for flyers around campus.

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