EDITOR’S NOTE: Homecoming is around the corner

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing people wearing more FIU gear in the coming days once Homecoming arrives.

Michelle Marchante Editor in Chief of FIU Student MediaMichelle Marchante/Editor-in-Chief

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing people wearing more FIU gear in the coming days once Homecoming arrives.

The upcoming week is expected to be one full of celebration, a week where current and former members of our University’s community come together to celebrate what makes FIU our alma mater.

If you haven’t guessed by our cover, this week’s theme will be celebrating homecoming and all the different events that come with it from Panthermonium to the homecoming pageant, leading up to the big game.


This week's theme focuses on homecoming 2018.

Illustrations by Guido Gonzalez/PantherNOW
Cover Design by Michelle Marchante.
Football helmet and Roary photo by Katherine De Jesus/PantherNOW Background photo courtesy of Rob Laughter/Unsplash.

Along with our themed content, you’ll find coverage on various other topics such as the investigation the Internal Affairs committee of the Student Government Council at the Modesto Maidique campus is doing, which can be found on page 2.

If you visit page 8 you’ll also find our recap of Consexual, a workshop hosted by FIU’s Sexual Health Alliance and other organizations to discuss consent and visit page 5 to read about the grand opening of Barnes & Noble at MMC’s new make-up section “The Glossary.” You can also watch our recap of the grand opening here.

We also have an update on the two Mast@FIU high school students that were attacked at the Biscayne Bay campus a few weeks ago. Both of the students are recovering, but the man who assaulted them has not been found yet, as of press time. Visit page 3 to learn more about the recent press conference one of the victims and her family attended.


NOTE: This Editor’s Note was published in our PantherNOW Magazine on Wednesday, Oct. 3.


Feature Graphic by Michelle Marchante/PantherNOW

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