President Trump Is Florida’s Newest Resident

Samantha Garcia/Staff Writer

President Trump changed his legal residence to the state of Florida in late September, deciding to establish his territory in Palm Beach as his permanent residence. Smart move.

There’s much debate on whether this change was done to evade taxes in his latter residence in the state of New York, or to sway voters in his direction for the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Regardless of the circumstances, both reasons were well thought out and offer great possibilities for both the president’s investments and political career.

The change in residence, although a powerful decision, wasn’t sudden. Trump spends much of his time at his Palm Beach resort, Mar-a-Lago and his golf course by the county jail, both of which indulge in the freedom from income and estate taxes.

Living in Florida is appealing due to its lack of state property taxes, high eligibility for tax exemptions on primary residences and qualifications for other property tax discounts on account of age, disability, and veteran status. This is why people settle down in Florida for retirement and why so many foreign investors are buying property in our state. 

Trump moving his residence to Florida was truly an eye-opener for me; as an ambitious student of higher education, I planned on letting my career navigate me through the nation and relied on “fate” to dictate where I would invest in property and settle down, never intending to buy property in my home state of Florida. However, upon taking a sober second look, due to the extensive tax exemptions, investing in property in Florida seems like a great power move.

Florida is also the most notorious swing state, holding 29 electoral votes and swaying infamous presidential elections like Bush v. Gore in 2000. In 2016, President Trump won the electoral votes in the state.

Even so, the rumors are true – Florida has been turning blue. But Trump moving his permanent residence here certainly would sway votes in his direction, because who wouldn’t want to vote for “one of the boys?” It would rally up all the Cuban baby boomers who heavily lean Republican. 

The Trump Victory Campaign has already started “door-to-door” advocacy in our local districts to promote our incumbent and register voters to ensure his reelection.

What can we say? There’s power in masses. Great move, Mr. President.

But what about the liberal youth in college that tends to lean Democrat?

Will Trump’s move here lead to more political involvement in South Florida? Will there be more legwork needed to sway voters?

In Miami, we say, “ya veremos.” 

As FIU students, we can hope for more political involvement and guest appearances from Mr. President, which I’m sure our School of International and Public Affairs would love to coordinate. Young voters who were indecisive may now want to switch sides and favor Trump because, after all, voters love feeling as if they are a part of something larger — like a presidential election — and aren’t immune to these grand gestures.

Welcome to the state of tax exemptions, Mr. President. May the odds be ever in your favor. 

Featured photo from FIU Flickr.



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