Holiday Shopping As A College Student Is Stressful

Ariana Rodriguez/Staff Writer

It was 65 degrees at the mall, but somehow my body managed to break a sweat as I was searching for the right gift for my family. A sea of price tags of $200 or more was all I encountered.

After seeing that the “best” gifts were overpriced and accepting the fact that I’m just a college student, I realized I could shower my friends and family with other kinds of presents.

I felt less bewildered as I started to think about how the holidays are just about love and laughter. A new Kate Spade purse can’t express how much I love someone.

Ariana Rodriguez/PantherNOW

Also, if I gave that purse to my aunt or mother, they’d probably think I went days without eating just to buy it, which would cause a little bit of discomfort in the family. After all, I’m just a college student.

But despite that, I’m also a sister, daughter, friend and niece who knows what makes the people I love happy. For example, my father loves cheesecake, and I would just need about $15 to make one—or I can get him a $15 gift card to GameStop. He’d see that I thought of him and didn’t need to spend all the money in the world to put a smile on his face.

I’ve been saving money a little differently this year as well. I’ve noticed that in the past, I would give a gift to a cousin and wouldn’t even receive something as smal

l as a cookie in return. I’ve learned that I should give if they give. You will feel more cheerful for the holidays by being there for the people who are there for you.

But while I’m more than happy when my little sisters make a handmade card for me or if someone bakes cookies for me, there’s something that even makes me happier, and it’s free.

Time is free, and if someone gives me their time, I feel so grateful. If you’re present during a holiday dinner or event, that will be the best present you can give. You could’ve been spending the holidays at someone’s else’s home, but you chose to spend it with the people you love most.

The next time you think you’re just a college
student who can’t do anything special this holiday, think again. Try to remember that the best things in life are free, and enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends.

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