Breaking News: FIU Will Pay $150 to Students, Faculty and Staff Who Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Senior vice president of academic & student affairs Elizabeth Bejar announces vaccine incentive program at town hall on Aug. 25. Maya Washburn / PantherNOW

Maya Washburn / Asst. News Director and Jesse Fraga / News Director

FIU will pay $150 to all university students, faculty and staff who get fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

“We don’t want to lose the momentum we have with our physical presence on campus,” said Elizabeth Bejar, FIU’s senior vice president of academic & student affairs.

The university launched its vaccine incentive program at today’s town hall meeting held at the Graham Center Ballrooms. The program also includes international students.

One form of eligibility requires one to receive their first dose of either Pfizer or Moderna between today and September 10, according to a university-wide email by FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg. The single-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine must also be administered by this date.

Additionally, the incentive is offered for those who will have completed both doses by the end of September, as per the email.

Rosenberg’s email describes vaccine incentive program. Jesse Fraga / PantherNOW

Students, faculty and staff must upload the completed vaccination card to the Student Health Portal by Oct. 10 to register for the incentive.

Bejar noted the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the Pfizer vaccine on Monday, Aug. 23.

“We want to encourage the consistency of behaviors that support our healthy campus,” said Bejar. “We are working on designing details for incentives and rewards and a general and gracious thank you for those of you that are already vaccinated.”

The payment can be used anywhere FIU Cash is accepted including on-campus locations including businesses, restaurants and computer labs.

Panelists at the town hall urged members of the university community to get vaccinated. Provost Kenneth Furton said he is vaccinated and looking forward to a booster shot in the future.

“I’ve had two jabs and I can’t wait to get my third jab,” said Furton. “That’s the most important thing that I am doing for myself, my family, my colleagues, staff and students.”

A reward program is being planned for students who were fully vaccinated before Aug. 25.

“For those of you who are fully vaccinated, thank you,” read Rosenberg’s email. “Be on the lookout for additional information about a vaccination reward program.”

The story will be updated as more information is found.

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