Earth Day

Carlos Pino/ Staff Writer

As bacteria that once gave life to a lonesome rock in this indifferent universe,

Our symbiosis gave birth to Earth.

Our every breath,

our every heartbeat

worship our dear Mother Nature,

as Nature worships us

with her gentle breezes,

her quiet rustling,

her soft grounds full of more life,

her tranquil waves

that ebbs and flows 

as does Love. 

When the sun rises

it’s Nature resurrecting to bask in our rejoicing.

When the sun sets

it’s Nature giving us peace that Death can be beautiful and full of companionship

with its withering light at the horizon’s end. 

We are Nature

as Nature is us,

rejoice with the falling leaves

and the blooming flowers.

Rejoice this Earth Day

as magic springs not from fantasy

but from the roots beneath our feet.


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