Health fee increase hearing to be held this week

Alyssa Elso/ Contributing Writer

The newly renamed Student Health Services, will soon be improving its medical services available to students. These new improvements will however come at a cost for students.

On March 4, a health fee increase was presented to the health fee committee.

The increase will be used to help meet various compliance issues and improve the quality of services provided to students.

“Student Health Services is asking for a small increase to meet compliance issues,” said Oscar Loynaz, director of University Health Services. “Human Resources has had a lot of temporary employees, so the University has a plan to ensure that everyone that is classified as temporary, becomes permanent employees.”

An increase on the health fee has not occurred in three years, as FIU cycles increases among athletics, activity and services and health.

“The increase is necessary for health services as, in the last three years the demand for medical attention has increased,” said Andrew Black, assistant director of Recreational Services and member of the committee. “Walk-in appointments have increased by about 50 percent.”

Health Services is permitted to ask for a maximum five percent health fee increase, amounting to $18, but is only asking for an increase of 2.8 percent, amounting to a $10.15 increase.

“We only want to increase the amount to what is necessary to improve health services,” said Loynaz. “We understand that students do not necessarily want to be paying more tuition.”

William Beesting, associate dean of Undergraduate Education and chairman of the committee, was unavailable for comment.

On Thursday March 28, the health fee committee will host a public forum, where students can voice their concerns on the new increase that will be applied to students’ tuition.

The meeting will take place in GC 150 at 10:30 a.m. and in WUC 155 at 2 p.m.