Get a taste for healthier things in life

Adrian Suarez-Avila/Contributing Writer

The Student Health Services department in the Biscayne Bay Campus will be hosting a Nutrition Tabling event on Sept. 10 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the BBC Dining Hall in an effort to help readjust the gears of unhealthy culinary customs that students and faculty members might have acquired during this past summer.

The event, which will be open to all FIU students free of charge, will allow the student body to learn about the wide range of nutrition services that the University offers.

Treatments of eating disorders, chronic diseases and injuries; personal consultations covering issues such as stress management and sexual health; and presentations on issues ranging from nutrition to preventative health and substance abuse are just some among the wide array of services offered by the Student Health Services department.

Students who live in any of FIU’s residence halls can easily take advantage of the cooking demos offered by the Student Health Services department. The demos, which serve as a nutritional resource, aim to educate students on how to prepare healthy meals while living far from home. Group sessions are available and led by staff members belonging to the Student Health Services Wellness Center.

Employees of the University’s Student Health Services Wellness Center will be present at the event to answer any questions that students may have related to nutrition and general well being.

Students who decide to attend the event will meet their campus’ registered dietician, Christine Tellez, who will be able to inform students about healthy eating habits, fitness options dealing with weight and body fat, and topics related to food allergies and special diets, among others.

Apart from regularly conducting the tabling event every year the Student Health Services staff always strives to provide a greater range of resources for students to take advantage of.

 “There is something different every day in the world of nutrition,” said Sarah Kenneally, Senior Health Educator of the SHS department, who hopes to educate a larger portion of the student body on nutritional issues every year and see a great number of students attend the event. 

“Those who attend the event will be able to walk away with some prizes,” said Kenneally. “The staff at the event will be asking a series of questions regarding nutrition, and those who answer correctly will leave with something in hand.”

 Students who aren’t able to attend the event at the BBC will still have the opportunity to learn more about the University’s diverse offers of nutrition services by visiting the Student Health Services Web site at, or by calling the Modesto Maidique Office at (305) 348-2401, or the Biscayne Bay Office at (305) 919-5620.

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