Lacrosse team looks to move up to Division I-A

Jahrel Francis/Contributing Writer

In the world of athleticism there is a strong passion for the experience gained when you take part in a sport. From positive to negative, from field to bench and to the bleachers, athletes get fired up within that atmosphere. With lacrosse, that doesn’t change.

Statistics show that in lacrosse you don’t have to be of a certain build to perform as a skilled player like other sports. At FIU, the members of the men’s lacrosse team look to have fun and enjoy tough competition. The team is up and coming and look to be accepted to the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA).

The squad deals with big aspirations and obstacles that continue to get in their way.

“My wife always says, ‘it’s not a sport. It’s a cult,’” Head Coach Mark Parets said.

Parets quoted his wife’s words as even she is included in the world of sport as a wife and can see that relationship and passion. To explain the cult relationship is that of either you love it or hate it.

For the team, captain Eric Quisenberry, junior majoring in criminal justice and minoring in psychology, brought out Parets to coach. Parets played at Florida State University for over four years and coached for 13 years at Gulliver Preparatory School and Pine Crest School among others. In his coaching experiences he gained a championship ring at Gulliver Prep and coached a player that later went to Duke University to win a national championship. He also coached Quisenberry on the Miami Select Lacrosse Team, which made the two familiar with each other.

“Right now we’re recruiting, and building a team and a roster,” freshman marketing major Rolby Seneus said.

It seems like all the team needs is numbers according to Parets.

“They’ve got all the talent in the world” Parets said. “Once we get about 25 kids that have this as a priority behind school, we’ll grow by leaps and bounds.”

When they are in shape with an adequate team they can bring themselves to greater competition.

With Parets, the players were able to play against the Israeli National Lacrosse Team, made of professional players, and performed well.

In this match the Israeli team donated uniforms for the team to fit the proper look for a proper game.

“Lacrosse takes many things from other sports,” Parets said.

For instance; zone coverage from football, field vision of soccer and excelling as an individual from an basketball. With these attributes Quisenberry finds himself at the position of team captain as a well athlete also with experience under Parets.

Quisenberry would be noted as the star of the team.

“Yeah, I would say Q,” senior psychology major Mark Sheffield said.

To highlight the team’s playmaker Sheffield mentions “Q”. Quisenberry played under Miami Select from 2005 to 2008 building his skills as a player. Sheffield also has experience and explains “Q” suits Quisenberry.

“You have to have something quick to call when you’re running down the field,” Sheffield said.

“I’ve seen a lot of them from when they started,” Parets said.

The lacrosse team has great aspirations and potential. Being a player himself since 1978, Parets looks to stay with the team and have them flourish as a Division I MCLA team.

Still being invited to play for teams, Parets will stay in the sport for years to come.

“Lacrosse is the greatest sport out there,” Parets said.


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