Alex McGough Ready To Take The Next Step

Peter Holland Jr./ Contributing Writer

The future is now and it falls on the shoulders for returning Quarterback Alex McGough. Now that EJ Hillard has moved on, McGough has stepped in full time and is confident in the directions the Panthers are heading.

“I think we all have more confidence now we are focusing on one goal, everything has been going smoother and more effective,” McGough said.

After finishing 4-8 last season, the Tampa native believed that he and his teammates are closer than ever before. McGough also sees the difference from last season and this season knowing that the teammates are living in a family atmosphere.

“We’re a team now, when you are able to look from your right and to your left and say that’s my brother, that’s what brings out in everything,” McGough said. He believes that this year they are a family oriented team and that can be the key to winning games this season.

Opening day is around the corner and McGough is so excited that he’s speechless.

“I have no words for it, I’m just ready to play,” McGough Said.

This season could be challenging knowing that the Panthers only have five home games this year, but it doesn’t seem to phase McGough, confident in taking the W where ever they play.

“We just play football, we could be in Alaska, and still play our game,” McGough said.

Last year McGough finished the season 138-274 and threw for 1,680 passing yards with 14 touchdowns. His 1,680 passing yards was ranked tenth of all-time in a single season. His 14 touchdown is ranks number 3 of all time in a single season. He received All-Freshmen team honors in Conference-USA.

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