Student Suffers Car Crash, Community Unites to Help

By Cindy Rays//Entertainment Director


Andrea Mirabal is scheduled to undergo a third surgery in her legs today, a plastic surgeon will be involved.

The anthropology major was Christmas shopping near campus when she was involved in a minor fender bender. Mirabal got out of her vehicle to inspect when a third car hit the rear of the second vehicle leaving Mirabal pinned between the two cars.

Mirabal’s legs suffered multiple fractions, she was rushed to the Trauma Center at Kendall Regional Hospital where doctors performed a four hour surgery on the day of the crash and a second surgery on Wednesday.

The FIU community has raised $10,966 in only three days to help cover the medical expenses of the former Miss FIU 2014.

Mirabal is expected to undergo months of physical therapy but her family, friends and the entire FIU community remain hopeful on her recovery.

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Photo Courtesy of Twitter.

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