‘This is it’ beats all odds and comes back after 20-point lead

Seth Louis // Contributing Writer

They were down by 20 points during the basketball game when “This Is It” made a comeback against “Child Please.”

“We just kept playing,” said Heron Elliot Jr. of This Is It.

The team was down once 26-6 in the first half and 35-48 in the second half. Fatigue seemed to be a major factor and was struggling to get baskets.

“It takes a while to catch your second wind. It took them awhile, but these guys found their will to bring themselves back into the game,” said Alex Grant, coach of This Is It.

Meanwhile, Child Please jumped out to a quick 13-4 lead, forcing This Is It to call a timeout. This Is It suffered several turnovers, missed shots and allowed a multitude of fast break points by Child Please.

With about five minutes remaining in the first half, This Is It went on a timely run to trim the lead right before the half. Shots were going in left and right, they were forcing turnovers, leading to fast breaks, and getting defensive stops. This resulted in being down 29-38 at halftime.

The second half started much like the first half, with Child Please as the aggressor. Already leading by nine points, they increased their lead to 20+ points.

Elliot Jr. kept telling his teammates, “Just keep playing.” Eventually, This Is It started chipping away at the lead and again, getting it down to 10 points, with five minutes remaining in the game.

Coach Grant told the team to “Let them [Child Please] make the mistakes. Just stay focused.”

With three minutes remaining, the score was tied at 55. This Is It completed the comeback and now was primed to take the lead and win the game.

In a late-game timeout, Grant told the team, “There are a few guys on the opposing team that are prone to mistakes. If we play fundamental defensive basketball, they will kill themselves and dig their own grave.”

The team eventually took the lead and started running down the clock, forcing Child Please to foul them. Several This Is It players stepped to the foul line and knocked down every free throw. Child Please tried to make shots, but were unable to do so.

With the score at 64-58 and the clock running under 10 seconds, Child Please decided to let the referees know to end the game.

With only four players in one game and a 20 point lag behind Child Please in another, This Is It managed to become victorious both times.

Next week is the start of playoffs.

Child Please and Alpha Motor Neurons will play each other on Wednesday, July 27 to determine which one goes to the championship game. The game is scheduled 8 p.m. at the Recreation Center at the Modesto Maidique Campus.

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