SGC-BBC to hold ‘Day on the Bay’ event to highlight BBC

Photo courtesy of Rachael Rampersad

Rachael Rampersad/SGC-BBC Director of Public Relations

March was quite an eventful month for SGC-BBC. From several brilliant lecturers visiting our campus to the orientation of the new 2017-2018 SGA candidates, there hasn’t been a dull moment.

On March 7, chef and entrepreneur, Michelle Bernstein lectured at BBC as part of SGC-BBC’s lecture series. Bernstein educated attendees on the importance of preserving culture through food. She touched on topics such as identity, stability and competition in the food industry with her most important message being, “Stay true to yourself.”

Another speaker that visited BBC in March was legendary activist for civil and women’s rights, writer, and scholar, Angela Davis. She was the keynote speaker of the “Women Who Lead” Conference  which was held on March 22. In her inspiring lecture, Davis spoke about leadership, courage, family and independence. The event was an overall success and The Women’s Center and SGC-BBC thanks everyone who attended.

Advising Week at BBC took place on March 20-21. This event was conveniently planned a week before enrollment begins so that students can take the opportunity to plan out their summer and fall semesters. Students got the chance to have quick one-on-one conversations with their advisors to discuss their progress and pending requirements for graduation. Students could also make future appointments with advisors if needed.

March 21 marked our 14th annual FIU Day where members of the FIU community, and members of FIU’s Board of Trustees advocated for FIU’s Legislative priorities in Tallahassee. This year the Legislative Priorities included Campus Expansion & Facilities Funding, Startup FIU, Royal Caribbean partnership and FIU UPLIFT. Our students here at BBC got involved in FIU Day by being very active on social media using the hashtag, #fiuday and #advocateforfiu and directly tweeting our legislators to show their support.  More information about these initiatives and the proceedings at FIU Day can be found at:

Following FIU Day was “Rally in ‘Tally” where FIU students took to the streets of Tallahassee to rally and advocate for FIU. Buses were provided for students from FIU to Tallahassee and the turnout was tremendous. SGC-BBC would like to thank everyone who reached out and participated on these two days.

On April 15, SGC-BBC will be holding “Day on the Bay.” This event highlights our beautiful Biscayne Bay. Join SGA BBC in cleaning up the bay and and sprucing up the surrounding areas. The event will be held from 9 a.m. to 1p.m. near the bike trails. Volunteer hours will be awarded to everyone who participates.

Also, look out for SGC-BBC’s Tuesday Times Roundtable which is held every Tuesday in WUC, room 159. These informative, lively moderated sessions promote open conversation about current articles in the New York Times. This is especially beneficial to communication and journalism students. Each week’s topic and speaker can be found on the SGC-BBC website. Come join in the conversation!

Look out for more updates on “Day on the Bay” and other upcoming events by following SGA BBC on social media @fiusgabbc.

Rachael Rampersad is the SGC-BBC director of public relations. Rachael will be contributing a monthly column to inform students about what is happening inside SGC-BBC. For comments or suggestions pertaining to this column, email

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