Students need to be aware of global conflicts

The importance of college students being aware of international conflicts and global affairs cannot be overstated. | Ariana Rodriguez, PantherNOW

Ariana Rodriguez | Staff Writer

College students need to realize that international conflicts and global affairs are not just what we write our academic papers on. It’s a vital aspect of our education and our identity as citizens across the globe.

Being aware of international conflicts isn’t just about knowing what’s happening far away-it’s about understanding why it’s happening and how it impacts us. 

We need to understand how global politics work, seeing how people are affected by the news and dealing with tough moral choices when different interests clash.

Students should strive to not only recognize but also comprehend the complexities of international conflicts. It’s not merely about being informed; it’s about exploring diverse perspectives, including ethics, governance, culture and morals, that surround these issues.

For students at FIU, situated in a region with strong ties to Latin America and the Caribbean, being aware of international conflicts is especially relevant. 

Many issues facing these regions, such as political instability, economic challenges and environmental concerns, have a direct impact on the local community in South Florida

By staying informed about developments in these areas, students can better understand the dynamics shaping their own communities and contribute meaningfully to discussions about potential solutions.

Not only is being aware of global conflicts vital as a student, but it’s a necessity once entering the real world. Conflicts are occurring everywhere in the world, and it would be ignorant for us to turn a blind eye, especially with all news sources being at the tip of our thumb. 

For example, tensions in Gaza stand as one of the most enduring and contentious issues in modern history, with deep-seated roots stretching back decades. 

Especially with the Israel-Hamas war occurring as recently as October of 2023, we need to understand the conflict, its importance and the full details of what exactly is going on rather than spew misinformation.

At its core, it’s a complex struggle over land, identity and sovereignty, with both Israelis and Palestinians laying claim to the same piece of land and deeply held historical narratives fueling their respective aspirations. 

Israel’s policies, including settlement expansion and land confiscation, have resulted in the displacement of Palestinians from their homes and communities, essentially ethnically cleansing Palestinians. 

Through illegal settlements, apartheid-like policies and relentless violence, Israel systematically dispossesses and oppresses Palestinians, pushing them out of their own land.

While this is just one of the many situations happening across the globe such as the violent genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or the extreme gentrification in Puerto Rico that has seen wealthy individuals (incentivized by tax breaks under Acts 20 and 22) moving to the island, the importance of college students being aware of international conflicts and global affairs cannot be overstated. 

For students at an international university like ours, where diverse perspectives are not only welcomed but celebrated, understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict is crucial for fostering a climate of inclusivity and mutual respect. 

The importance of college students being aware of international conflicts and global affairs cannot be overstated. This awareness not only promotes global citizenship and empathy but also equips students with the critical thinking skills necessary to navigate an increasingly complex world. 

For students at FIU, located in a region with strong ties to the broader global community, staying informed about international affairs is not just an academic pursuit but a practical necessity. 

By embracing their role as global citizens, FIU students can contribute to building a more peaceful, prosperous and interconnected world for generations to come.


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