University alumnus plans dance show about HIV stigma

Now a part of the Alert Health staff as counselor and special projects director it wasn’t long ago before Pioneer Winter stumbled upon a book by Diane Solway titled, “A Dance Against Time,” that inspired him to take his love for dance and public health awareness to a greater level.

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Student employees recognized for hard work

“Student employees, like other employees, are major contributors to the operational and service mission of this institution,” said Carolyn Jackson, director of recruitment services for Human Resources.

Green fund proposal to be voted on by students

The Student Government Council at Modesto Maidique Campus senate passed a resolution to support the Student Green Energy Fund.

The origins of the fund start with former University President Modesto Maidique. The fund will enact a “green fee” upon students that, if passed, will raise the cost per credit hour by up to $1.

Reform of governing councils delayed

After postponing the reorganization of the structure of governing councils for an additional week, the only form of legislation discussed by the senate of the Student Government Council at Modesto Maidique Campus was an appropriation.