Journalism student dies in car accident

A University journalism student died in a head-on collision early on March 18, along with her sister and her sister’s husband. The car accident occurred on the Gratigny Expressway around 5 a.m.

Campus deliberations allocate funds to MMC organizations

After University-wide allocations of the Activity & Service fee, campus-specific deliberations focused on funds for the 18 organizations at the Modesto Maidique Campus. The council was left with $96,555 in extra funds, which was then given back to the University-wide council.

Court rules for Elections Board

Following the filling of a writ of certiorari by the Coalition of Students for Reform, the FIU Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Student Government Council at Modesto Maidique Campus Elections Board and their restrictions on campaigning material.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: SGA matters should be public, open to students

We at the CSR understand those in SGA are also students and have many obligations, but when they chose to run for office, they chose to live by a higher set of standards.

When it comes to an organization that manages roughly $13 million in student fees must not only have the highest standards, but live up to them as well.

“Friends with Kids” provides an unconventional look at relationships

Jennifer Westfeldt’s contributions to the romantic comedy genre have been anything but conventional. With “Kissing Jessica Stein,” she explored the fluidity of sexuality far better than the Oscar-nominated “The Kids Are All Right,” and with “Ira & Abby,” she focuses on two unprepared people who rush into marriage.

How to dress sharp for a job interview

For the most part, interview attire has remained somewhat the same from decade to decade, it basically is business attire. Dressing for an interview is probably one of the events where dressing your best matters the most—it is the time where you are being judged to see if you qualify for the job you want, and looking outdated or simply bad can be the decision factor in getting that job.

How to keep your spring break body all year round

One of the perks of living in South Florida is having the beach in your own backyard.
With spring break around the corner, it is time to acknowledge all of your hard work by showing yourself off in a new swimsuit.
Here are some tips to keep your beach body in check throughout the break so you can fit in your swimsuit all year long.

Paltrow shines at award ceremony

Esra Erdogan/Life! Editor When it comes to watching the Academy Awards, the statues come in second to the dresses. Here are the actresses that I…