Haute Topic: Last minute Halloween costumes inspired by fashion

There is nothing as frightening as a visit to a costume shop looking for a Halloween costume with no idea what you are looking for. Instead of shelling out $60 on a promiscuous-looking sailor outfit that you will probably never wear again, try something a little more fashion inspired. Here are a few ideas for costumes that you can put together the days before Halloween weekend.

Quarterback off the field and focusing on engineering degree

When some people think of an engineering student, they imagine a nerdy, buttoned-up shirt with pocket protector, pencil pusher who doesn’t know the first thing about sports and couldn’t tell you any of last night’s scores. Paul McCall is nowhere near this stereotype.

Haute Topic: Vogue is uninspiring and out of touch

When I was younger, I used to think fashion magazines were my bible. Everything on the glossy pages of Vogue were utter perfection, from the ads to the editorials. I still love flipping through the pages of magazines, but it is becoming more and more rare that I purchase one. I hate to take a serious tone when writing about fashion when it should be a lighthearted topic, but lately I have really been hating American Vogue.

CHANNEL SURFING: Creepy Halloween episodes excite

With Halloween coming up, what could be better than a spooky lineup of shows? I have TV shows to keep me busy with all the drama – witchy drama. Shows like “Ringer,” “The Secret Circle” and “Pretty Little Liars” released Halloween episodes that will set you in the mood for the season. Something wicked this way comes.

Day of clean up also meant to provide education

Equipped with shovels, hatches and wheelbarrows, students and staff members came out to the Nature Preserve and joined the ecological restoration project, clearing out trails and removing unwanted plants as part of the Nature Preserve Day.