Monday Motivation: get spring break ready

Nihat Strider/Staff Writer

It is that time of the year again, spring break is coming up! Everyone has the same question: how do I get spring break ready? Miami, being the nation’s hub of the spring break events, we all want that beach body. This week´s fitness model is Amina Daoud, a junior majoring in marketing. Daoud is a proud FIU Golden dazzler and a sister of Alpha Xi Delta.

Fitness is a lifestyle and should not be a crash diet. With proper techniques, your body can change in the next few weeks. There are three major factors you need to concentrate on: discipline, diet and determination to workout.

Every single day counts and there should not be a single cheat meal. The reason that the United States has one of the strongest militaries in the world is because of their powerful discipline. Similar to that, we need to maintain a strong discipline to achieve that beach body. One healthy meal and one good workout will not transform your body. It is the day in and day out of solid work you put in the gym that makes a difference.

Treat your body like a machine. Imagine if we poured soda in our car instead of gasoline. The car will not only malfunction but will completely break down. Ingesting unhealthy meals will severely diminish your performances. We need to maintain discipline and a healthy eating lifestyle while implementing a daily exercise regimen.

Abs are made in the kitchen. You can live in the gym but if your nutrition intake is not correct, you will not see any results. In a fitness lifestyle, you can get away with cheat meals here and there but as it is crunch time, you should change the menu in your kitchen. I always hear, eating healthy is expensive. That does not have to be true; eating out is expensive. Start making use of the kitchen.

As we are occupied with jobs and school, we might not have time to cook everyday. Try simple cooking methods. You can also meal prep: take one day out of the week and prepare large portions of meals which will last throughout the week. As for snacking, the best options are natural foods such as fruits and nuts. You can also consume nutritional bars. There are many types: Protein bars, fibre bars etc. A lot of these bars might claim to healthy but are filled with sugar.

Maintaining a healthy diet will help you lose the extra weight in your body but will not create the beach body you want. Bodybuilding is a complete program. You must lift proper safe weights with correct form and technique. As spring break is near, try to workout six times a week. A solid one hour of workout, six days a week can truly transform your body.

Our body is important just like our school work and day jobs. Your body is the only temple you live in. Prioritize your preferences. Never miss school or procrastinate, but have the determination to workout. Your one hour of workout should not be spent socializing or scrolling through social media. In that case, you are barely get 20 minutes of a one hour workout.

Determination is what makes you win the race. All the NFL football players won the championship because they are determined during the game and their preparation. Be determined to eat healthy and workout regularly. Doing so, you will achieve positive results. Do not get in the habit of crash diet. After spring break is over, try to maintain your amazing fitness lifestyle.

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