Reflexology path coming to BBC

Malaika Desrameaux/Contributing Writer

In an effort to promote health and wellness, the Student Government Council at the Biscayne Bay campus will bring a reflexology path to campus.

A reflexology path is a trail of soft stones, partially encased in the ground. As a person walks across, the rocks apply pressure to different areas in the soles of the feet.

According to reflexology theory, certain sections of the sole directly connect to human organs. For example, the tip of the innermost toe, or the big toe, is said to be directly connected to the brain. Reflexology Theory states that applying pressure to the soles increases overall wellness, removes toxins and reverses imbalances in the organs.

Dr. Valerie Morgan, assistant dean of Undergraduate Education, brought the idea to SGC-BBC. The council decided to take lead on the $50,000 project and contacted vendors.

The vendor, Dr. Elizabeth Marazita of Paths of Health, specializes in acupuncture and oriental medicine. Marazita will choose the stones and design the path based on the energy she receives from the campus, according to Meredith Marseille, the vice president of SGC-BBC. This energy includes the University’s mission, official colors and her interactions with the council. SGC-BBC representatives also completed a full day training session on Saturday, Dec. 2, with Marazita at Nova Southeastern University, who implemented their path in 2010.

“I had an amazing experience,” said Marseille. “As I repeatedly went through the path, I noticed less pressure and felt lighter.”

SGC-BBC discussed the project with other BBC governing councils and on campus student organizations such as the Student Programming Council, Campus Life and Panther Power, and received positive responses, according to Marseille.

 Annie Alcolea, president of the university’s Garden Club, thinks the path is an interesting concept.

“I would like to visit BBC to see if the path fulfils its intentions,” she said.

The council hopes to begin construction on the project by April, and and have it completed by Fall 2018. The path will also have rails and benches to improve user’s comfort and will be built near a water fountain in Panther Plaza near the basketball court.

“BBC is known for being environmentally friendly,” said Marseille. “So [the path] ties back into the theme of our campus.”


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