EDITOR’S NOTE: Careful with the web, it could haunt you later

Michelle Marchante Editor in Chief of FIU Student MediaMichelle Marchante/Editor-in-Chief

If there is one thing Millennials can say we’re experts on, it’s social media. The generation after us, sometimes referred to as Digital Natives or Gen Z, even more so. However, as our access to the digital world continues to increase so does the danger.

Analyze your online presence as you read through our theme pages to see if you’ve maybe shared a little too much or are comfortable with what can be found about you. We know it can be challenging, especially with all the different social media platforms you’re almost expected to be on or the temptation of online shopping.

But, there are dangers to being online and we don’t just mean your boss finding something you should have never posted. We’re talking catfishing, pishing and even social media data collection.

Social media is fun though and won’t be going away anytime soon, which is why we’ve Halloweenised our cover this week to depict how privacy is caught on the World Wide Web.

Cover photo by Gerard Albert III/PantherNOW. Cover Illustrations by Guido Gonzalez/PantherNOW. Cover Design by Michelle Marchante/PantherNOW

But, if cybersecurity isn’t an area that scares you, then you’ll want to visit page 5 to read our exclusive PantherNOW fictional Halloween story or page 9 to find out why one of our columnists is worried about the microchip trend.

And if you’ve ever been curious as to how PantherNOW is using social media to help connect with our audience, check out this video FIU’s Social Media Association did on us. 


Feature Image by Michelle Marchante/Editor-in-Chief

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Michelle Marchante
Michelle Marchante is the 2018-2019 Editor-in-Chief of PantherNOW. Majoring in broadcast journalism, she lives and breathes web, print, radio and TV news 24/7. You can connect with her on Twitter @TweetMichelleM

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