Frost Museum hosts monthly Zine Workshops

Maria Ruiz/Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum hosted their monthly Zine Workshop.

With every new exhibition added to the museum, another workshop reflecting its theme is held. This month, the event took on the Chinese New Year as its theme to mirror the “Asian Crossroads” exhibition at the museum.

Students are welcome to attend the Zine Workshop during the first Wednesday of every month at 12:30 p.m. During these 90-minute sessions, attendees are provided with all the materials and guidance they might need to create their own zine.

The workshop is orchestrated by FIU alumni Emily Afre. As the Education Specialist at the museum, it is one of her responsibilities to manage the Zine Workshop.

“The idea is that we extract important themes and concepts from the exhibition, whether they’re social issues like feminism, gender equality, or immigration,” said Afre. “Different things that we can pull from the exhibition to generate conversation through art, but also through art-making.”

She has concocted a relaxing and welcoming environment in the hopes of inducing creativity. This month’s workshop was complete with tranquil Chinese music and decorated with Chinese zodiac signs.

“I remember one time, it was for our feminist theme workshop, we had a whole bunch of girls and guys in here just listening to music and jamming out,” said Afre. “It just kind of felt like a slumber party.”

In addition to engaging students in a session of self-expression and bonding, the goal is to also draw attention to upcoming exhibitions at the museum.

“We want students to not only feel engaged about the art we’re discussing, but to, of course, get people excited about visiting the exhibitions when they’re open,” said Afre.

After working on the new issue of their personal zine, everyone is welcome to share what they have created. The room filled with words of encouragement and intrigue whenever anyone wanted to talk about their creation.

Afre aims to “create a space where people can be creative and connect with others.”

There is no experience or skill necessary to take part in the Zine Workshop, and all FIU students are welcome to participate.

To participate, students can RSVP at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum website.

Photo courtesy of FIU on Flickr.

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