Blue Table Talk Forum Discusses Beauty With Sephora

Suany Simon, a services coordinator at Sephora in Aventura Mall, applied makeup to an attendee of the first SGA Blue Table Talk, a forum to discuss topics with people of different perspectives. The event covered topics around beauty standards. Victoria Abella/PantherNOW

Victoria Abella & Anna Radinsky/PantherNOW Staff

Sephora partnered with the Student Government Association at the Biscayne Bay Campus to host their first Blue Table Talk event on Oct. 14 to talk about beauty standards.

The Blue Table Talk event was inspired by Red Table Talk, a Facebook Watch talk show that stars Willow Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris. The show talks about topics from the perspectives of three different generations.

“The start of the Blue Table Talk was us, as SGA, brainstorming possible ways to make students be involved in difficult and thought provoking conversations so they can… learn something that you can use outside of the classroom,” said Pamela Ho Fung, president of SGC-BBC.

Four panelists discussed beauty standards: a makeup artists and social media influencer, the vice president of SGC-BBC, an FIU student and a representative from the Women’s Center at FIU.

Panelists listen to the audience at the Blue Table Talk event. Victoria Abella/PantherNOW

Suany Simon, a services coordinator at Sephora in Aventura Mall, said the event meant to empower people.

“Hopefully what we’re doing here is making you guys feel good, giving you guys a little bit of a brightness to the face, just making people feel comfortable and hopefully bringing you guys to the store,” Simon said.

An attendee of the Blue Table Talk gets her makeup done. Victoria Abella/PantherNOW

Courtney Lubin, a junior majoring in psychology, enjoyed the event.

“I really loved the panelists. This was very uplifting and I loved the conversation on loving yourself,” said Lubin.

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