Men Belong In The Issue of Abortion

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The debate around abortion rights has recently been reignited by the Texas Heartbeat Bill. Does a woman have the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy? Or does an unborn child have the right to life? The issue of abortion has long polarized American society. Women have been telling men to stay out of it for decades. However, abortion is not solely a women’s issue – it is a social issue that affects us all. Let men express their opinions.

Men often have no voice in the decisions of their female partners. However, the father took part in creating the baby; therefore, he should have a part to play in the child’s future. Abortion can sometimes be the easy way out for men; however, women deserve better than dealing alone with this unplanned situation. 

Male partners can provide guidance, emotional support, financial support and most importantly their viewpoint regarding the termination of the pregnancy. They should not be excluded from their parental responsibilities towards the baby. 

Allowing men to express their position could result in fewer choices made out of despair and fewer pregnancy terminations. Without a supportive partner and a stable foundation, women are more likely to make a choice out of financial or social necessity rather than choose the best course for themselves and their future child. Men should step up as caring partners, providers and responsible fathers. Their role in the issue of abortion is crucial.

 It is important to speak up because men can also experience abortion regret and conflicting feelings. It can be a life-altering decision for both parties. Post-abortion distress is largely ignored when it is not experienced by women.

Men should be involved not only in the decision following the pregnancy but also in the life of the baby. Families with absent father figures produce children that are statistically more likely to engage in criminal activities and suffer from financial burdens. Cognitive and social development are also enhanced by the presence of a loving, supportive father in a child’s life.  Fatherhood is tremendously important and must be protected.

Men belong in the conversation about abortion, but they should also be included in the steps taken before an abortion is needed. It is important to address the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy beforehand.  

College students, please pay close attention. Sex education and the use of contraception should be points of concern for both adults. Sexual intercourse could result in a pregnancy and anyone not prepared for the consequences should refrain from it. Consenting male partners understand the risk; therefore, they should own up to their actions. 

Men have a responsibility to address abortion not just as intimate partners but also as members of the community. Roe v. Wade (1973), the legal case which ruled that unduly restrictive state regulations on abortion are unconstitutional, was decided by an all-male Supreme Court. 

Whether it is a pro-life or pro-choice stance, men should be allowed to freely express their opinions publically and legally. Not having a uterus does not impair a man’s ability to make ethical conclusions and decide his child’s future. Consequently, men can express their views through social activism, voting for political candidates or even volunteering to aid their community.  

Having an opinion and taking a stance is the least men could do. Support and social activism in regards to the issue of abortion should not be left to women alone. 

The narrative of the gender war won’t work as both genders are responsible for family planning and the rearing of children. Public discourse about abortion is not a “war on women”. It is a conversation that needs to involve the entire community.

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